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    Meera F. Sommer

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Who am I and what this life means for me became my biggest question when I reached adulthood. I Dared to step out of a conventional path – education, marriage and motherhood, and took steps that I would never have envisioned. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I would say I had 4 major chapters in my life:

Starting an education I wasn't really interested in and questioning: “Is that it?” Finding meditation and a spiritual master and being curious what that meant. This inquiry has led me to a deeper understanding of wanting to explore my path in the world, working with people. I’ve moved to India in to an ashram with 1 objective – learn how to meditate –. I succeeded after 6 years, but also learnt a lot of other aspects: living in a foreign country, learning to ride a motorbike and exploring the country up to the Himalayas, lots of freedom, friendship, people on the path, path of love. Being back in the west and stepping into the corporate world. A fascinating world to learn their language, hierarchies, looking for opportunities that would allow me to further grow and develop.

Taking risks and having a solid and grounded understanding of “you can’t fail – everything is a learning – the ups as well as the downs”. After 7 years being an “insider” it was time to move on, explore the world outside and creating my own business as a trainer & consultant. Another 8 years of success and fulfillment with delivering executive leadership trainings across the globe, moderating and facilitating team development, being on stage, embracing the world of business and achievement Daring to leave the “security” when compromises are larger then authenticity. Knowing it is time to explore and open another self of me. Combining the spiritual search with the corporate search.

It's all about making that jump into the unknown.
Not just once - but being aware and open enough to see the opportunities that “existence” provides you with every single day.
Be in the flow!

It takes courage to state your self
in a compassionate and loving,
yet direct way.

  • Learn how to embody and verbalize this.
  • Creating a pathway for any individual or groups to support and guide them in finding and nourish themselves in their uniqueness.
  • To learn how to stand up and state your voice, embody this instinctive knowledge and truth that you have.




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